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Standing up for yourself sometimes sounds a little scary, but what if we can make you really strong at it?

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It’s okay the way I am….

Do you stand firm in your shoes in any exciting situation? For example if you would be bullied, meet new people and are afraid that they will not like you and you feel excluded because of this? Quick to think “never mind”?

It could also be that you feel insecure or unhappy and maybe that’s why you find it difficult to talk about your feelings?

At PowerKid you will learn together with your trainer to stand up for yourself, to know yourself better and to set your boundaries more easily. We ensure that you become more resilient and can stand firm in your shoes.

Hello, I am the founder of PowerKid. Together with the PowerKid team, we help you become a PowerKid! We have already been able to help many children.

İlknur Öperli


PowerKid for Everyone

For You

Hello, you can also just be there and express your limits. At PowerKid you just get to know yourself a little better and we teach you how to deal with this. You can then indicate more easily when another person should stop if you don't like something and you dare to say what you do and don't want.

For Parents

Ideally, of course, we want our children to go through the day radiantly. But what if your child does not wake up happy, frets a lot, perhaps goes to bed with a stomach ache, is afraid of being bullied, makes himself invisible, is afraid of failure and or has a negative self-image?

For Grown-Ups

Especially for adults, Powerkid, has customized training. During the resilience training you develop your resilience and social skills for your daily life. This training is helpful to look at yourself, learn to reflect and where and how you can make positive changes.

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Connecting with your body
Body awareness
Trusting your body


Recognizing feelings
Learning to feel boundaries
Feelings regulation


Self-knowledge and self-care
Recognizing thoughts
Learning to transform thoughts

What parents think of PowerKid
"Both our son and we, as parents, experienced the contact with Ilknur as very pleasant. Clear, lucid and loving communication, where there was room for a laugh and a tear. She has taken our son and us as parents a step further: in motion in the area where we were stuck. Kind regards."

Powerkid is designed to discover your own strength

Meet our trainers

Experts in providing specialized youth assistance in resilience

Bert van Hezel
Diderik Rorije
Jaleesa Kodden
Johanna Veerman
Mirjam Doornbos
Reinier Stamhuis

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